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Ariix products price to be revised in order to ensure the professional quality

Posted on 2nd Feb 2016 @ 3:06 AM

ARIIX is going into the fifth anniversary of the founding of the company since its establishment we have been actively promoting health and ensuring that its products have consistently professional quality; however, the cumulative inflationary pressures, prompted us to adjust the

price, ARIIX management layer weigh all factors, will determine the price adjustment is committed to remain at around 2.5 percent, to minimize the impact on the market and their partners; at the same time, for: MOA, Puritti, Priime and Reviie products, we will keep their prices unchanged.

In addition, we have been implementing a simple "four area" mode, so this price adjustment will adjust the team leader bonus, let this continue saving mode to run unimpeded.

We will be January 30, 2016 for its product prices to be adjusted to keep the products on the market continue to have leading professional quality!

Ariix products price adjustment as follows:

The average price was adjusted to 2.5-3%, but does not include: MOA, Puritti, Priime and Reviie products

For package price will also be adjusted relative

After the price adjustment will be relatively adjusted Team Leader Bonus

The new pricing details will be announced in mid-January

The new prices will come into effect on January 30, 2016 


Each transformation is bound to grow both the stages, partners in the hope that the company adhere to the professional products of high quality to continue to give us support, side by side to create a more remarkable career in the promotion of a healthy platform!

Our store will be time later to make adjustments as soon as possible, sorry for anyinconvenience caused!